1-Day Ayurveda Foot Massage (Padabhyanga) ~ £150 | £175 including Bowl and Ghee Set

Padabhyanga is a tradition Ayurvedic massage using a kaash bowl and traditional ghee and oils.  The Kaash massage bowls are made of a special metal mixture, called kaash. This consists of an amalgam of copper, zinc and tin. The health benefits of Kaash are due to the unique blend of metals which are said to have healing properties in Ayurveda. Copper is said to help lessen the pain and inflammation for clients with painful complaints such as arthritis.  Zinc is important in vital functions such as the immune and digestive systems, and tin is another metal which Ayurveda says is helpful in promoting healthy digestion, as well as aiding everyday problems such as headaches and insomnia.

Ghee or oils chosen to help harmonise the client’s balance of doshas play an important part in the treatment as they provide lubrication as well as moisturising the feet.  Like many Ayurvedic treatments, this beautiful foot massage is simple to do and yet incredibly complex in its potential to increase well-being and promote balance.

Foot massage is always a relaxing therapy but the Kaash bowl gives this foot massage a number of added benefits: 
  • Helps tone the foot muscles, which makes for an incomparable feeling of lightness.  If you have regular massage with the Kaash Bowl your weight will fall evenly and correctly on the soles of the feet, aiding your posture and bringing greater comfort and gracefulness.  You will walk with a lighter step, and feel rejuvenated. 
  • Helps reduce stress 
  • Stimulates the marma points and reflexes of the foot
  • The ghee, balm or oil used  moisturizes the feet, preventing cracking and discomfort
  • In Ayurvedic thought, the Kaash Bowl massage is said to stimulate the metabolism and have a relaxing effect on the eyes because it balances the energies of the marma points and reflexes
  • The Kaash Bowl Massage is given which ghee and this has a balancing effect on the Pitta Dosha which means the treatment gives a cooling effect in hot, sunny weather
  • In winter the Kaash Bowl foot massage is done with warm ghee or oil and helps warm the feet and comfort the whole person
  • Traditionally, the Kaash Bowl massage is done in the evening before you go to bed and is said to promote deep, restful sleep
Our one-day course includes: 
  • Relevant anatomy & physiology
  • Client consultation
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Background to Ayurveda and foot massage including marma points
  • Information on oils, ghee and foot pampering products for the treatment
  • Recipes for blending oils and making products
  • Foot pampering ritual
  • Foot massage techniques with the hands
  • Work on marma points
  • Kaash foot bowl work
  • Ending the treatment
  • Aftercare advice
  • Insurance and accreditation information
All the equipment you require to do the course is provided on the day including towels, massage bowls and appropriate massage oil, ghee and other products. You will receive a full manual with all the techniques and information taught. Students who successfully complete the course receive their diploma on the day.

Kaash Bowl and Ghee Kit - (must be pre-ordered)

The Kaash bowl has a smooth and shining surface inside and outside. The smoothness of this surface gives the massage a particularly special quality of softness. It imparts a calming and harmonising effect and feels like the loving strokes of a caring parent and leaves you feeling relaxed and at ease.   All the other advantages of a massage with the Kaash bowl such as supporting metabolic and purifying processes, relaxing for eyes and feet, making skin soft smooth, keeping the foot muscles strong and supple, giving a sound sleep and imparting a feeling of freshness and lightness to your step are also characteristic for a foot massage with the bowl.

As per the advice of experienced Ayurvedic medical specialists, the Ghee has been enriched with herbs of Sariva (Desmodium gangeticum) and red sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus). The combination of Triphala forms the basis of the herbal formulation. True to ayurvedic tradition the Ghee is made according to the Sidha method given in the ancient texts. 

Contains: Kaash bowl, 50 ml Ghee incl. instructions, in a cotton bag.

Duration: 1 Day
Entry Requirements: Interest in Ayurvedic Therapies
Fee: £125 | £155 with Bowl and Ghee Kit
Accreditation: Professional Ethical Practitioners