2-Day Hand Reflexology Practitioner Diploma Course ~ £355 |£575  inc. Anatomy and Physiology and PST (save 10% on stand-alone course fees) Installment option available for this package - pay 25% deposit on booking, and the balance one week before the course date. 

Our Hand Reflexology course is suitable for beginners and for experienced foot Reflexologists. 

The Hand Reflexology practical training is two days, and you will be taught in a group of no more than four students – this means you have the teacher’s full attention. You will learn all of the zones and reflex areas, the hand positions and treatment techniques. You will carry out a full consultation, assess the hands and give a full treatment to clients using the full range of reflexology techniques and

Our core manual, containing health and safety information along with other material which all therapists need to know, will be sent to you so that you can study before you attend on the course dates.  Your course includes the theory required to become a professional hand reflexologist, including consultation, contraindications, aftercare, the history and benefits of hand reflexology and the characteristics and uses of a selection of waxes, balms and oils which can be included in the treatment.

Your assessment will consist of a full client treatment including consultation plus a short written test.

Once you have completed this training you may wish to add Thai Foot Massage or Japanese Hand Massage to your skills portfolio and if you like hands you might think about doing manicures – we offer Manicure and Pedicure courses as well as Spa Hand Therapy which includes pampering foot treatments such as Thai Herbal Massage and an aromatherapy massage treatment using beautiful essential oils. When you start to offer clients these exciting new treatments you will see your diary fill up quickly!

Course content:
  • History of Reflexology
  • Hand Basics - describing the hands, common problems with hands
  • The Spine and the Hand
  • The Hand Reflexes – mapping the body
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Equipment
  • The consultation and recording your reflexology treatment
  • Reading the Hands
  • Techniques – relax and warm
  • Techniques – caterpillar etc
  • Giving a full treatment of the reflexes
  • Techniques – cool down and close
  • The Healing Crisis
  • Client reactions and feedback
  • Aftercare
Duration: Two days and home study 
Entry requirements: Interest in Reflexology
Without A & P: Professional Ethical Practitioners and Westminster Indemnity
With A & P:  The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and The Guild of Holistic Therapists.
CPD points for the A & P inclusive course: 26

NEW! 1-Day Reflexology Connections Course ~ £135 | £120 for students who also book or have attended our Reflexology Course.

 A one-day course for qualified Reflexologists.  The aim of the course is to give the student  a clear understanding of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its connection to western Reflexology.  We will do some practical work and share treatments during the course as Chinese Reflex Massage of the feet is included.

Course Content:
  • TCM definition of health as harmony in energy flow
  • Yin-yang – the only constant is change, and there are no absolutes
  • Essential Substances: the ‘Five Elements’ and the circle of life. 
  • Organs 
  • Meridians 
  • TCM ideas about diet, climate, environment, etc – can these help our clients?
  • Relating client symptoms, reflex reactions, foot reading to meridian and organ theory 
  • Chinese Reflex 
  • Chinese Hand and Foot Massage 
Duration: One Day
Price: £135 as a stand-alone course OR £120 for students who also book or have attended our Reflexology course.
AccreditationGuild of Holistic Therapists recognised course, AOR, ITEC or VTCT